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The Christopher Columbus Awards, a national community-based science, technology, engineering and math competition, fosters an atmosphere that encourages kids to take a look at the community around them to see what problems need to be addressed and to take action to find a solution. The Christopher Columbus Awards not only encourages science, technology, engineering, math and communication skills, it also fosters community service and teaches the importance of being an active member of ones community.

Designed for middle school age children, the Christopher Columbus Awards opens the realm of community consciousness at an early age. The teams choose the issues they would like to address and therefore, we have received projects that range in topic from technology and environmental concerns to economic and social issues. Over the course of the program's 18-year history, environmental outreach programs have been initiated, senior health concerns addressed, racism and bullying programs implemented and six U.S. Patents have been secured.

Screenshot from videoNow in its 19th year, the Christopher Columbus Awards has reached over 20,000 middle school students and 2,050 coaches and has effected change in America's youths and communities all across the country.

Using the competition as an exciting and new way to teach science, math and technology, hundreds of coaches have reported that the program has been instrumental in their personal and professional development, helping many of them to advance to positions of greater responsibility. See what participating coaches have to say about the impact this program has on their students and their communities: Click here to view the video.

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