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Assignment of Points

At each level of judging, the entries are assigned a numerical score using a certain set of criteria. The criteria is given a minimum and maximum point scale that the judges use to tabulate their scores. Here you will find the criteria and point values for review.

Team PhotoCreativity: 20 points

The demonstration of imagination, problem-solving techniques, artistic skills, etc.

Innovation: 20 points

An assessment of the proposed solution's uniqueness, the use of science to solve the problem and the potential impact of the solution on the community or in general.

Scientific Accuracy: 24 points

An assessment of the application of scientific laws and theory and an evaluation of the methods used to research the topic and to test the proposed solution.

Feasibility: 18 points

An assessment of the likelihood that the solution will work as presented based on relevant economic, political and social issues. Higher points will be given to plans that are developed fully versus plans that need adjustments to succeed.

Clarity of Communication: 18 points

Includes adherence to the entry guidelines (written and visual), as well as grammar, writing skills, organization of the facts and data, etc. Project should show a coherent display and presentation.