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Quail Gone Quiet

Coach: Suzanne Greenwood
Community: Kansas City, Missouri
Status Achieved: Finalist

Section 1: The Issue

Due to habitat destruction resulting from suburban sprawl and certain farming practices, the bobwhite quail – Missouri's only species of quail – is on the National Audubon Society watch list. Without intervention, the continued existence of this quail species in Missouri is in serious jeopardy.

Section 2: Research

Using various print and multimedia resources, the team studied the habits and habitat of the bobwhite quail, and learned more about the primary threats to its survival. Working with representatives from the Missouri Conservation Department and others, the team members planted a "quail garden" in the outdoor classroom at their school, using quail-friendly native grasses and wildflowers. The team realized that if other students were aware of the bobwhite quail's predicament, they too would likely be interested in doing their part to save the species. So the team created an instructional package entitled "Quail Gone Quiet," featuring a 70-slide PowerPoint presentation with a Jeopardy! theme, a quail garden blueprint, worksheets, games, and other activities and resources designed to educate students in grades 3-6 about the bobwhite quail.

Section 3: Testing

Coordinating with a teacher at their school, the team members scheduled test presentations of their curriculum with groups of third- and fourth-grade students. In order to determine the effectiveness of "Quail Gone Quiet" in educating students about the bobwhite quail and its plight, the team created two 15-question multiple-choice tests, which were administered to all participating students before and after the presentation. From the results of these tests, the team refined its curriculum, clarifying points that the tests revealed weren't adequately covered. Later presentations to a seventh-grade Girl Scout group and a first-grade Cub Scout group elicited excellent results, demonstrating that the curriculum could be successfully used in diverse settings to educate students about the bobwhite quail.

Section 4: The Solution

Many young people believe habitat destruction is something that only happens in far-off rainforests. If they are made aware – in a kid-friendly, hands-on way – of the threats to species right in their own community, they will be empowered to take steps to help reverse the decline in endangered animal populations, including the bobwhite quail.

Visual Presentation:

PowerPoint presentation.